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Mega Summit & Expo on Electric Vehicle on 19 Jan at...

NEW DELHI: PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a day-long mega India Electric Vehicle Summit & Expo here on January 19, 2018 to promote and propagate as...

Delhi to host Mega Leadership Summit on Electric Vehicle 

NEW DELHI: Motoring enthusiasts and automotive industry leaders from across the sector will gather at PHD House as national capital shall host the mega...

22Motors launches prototype of Smart Electric Scooter

NEW DELHI: Gurgaon based 22Motors Pvt Ltd, an electric vehicle innovator, unveiled the prototype of its scooter FLOW. The smart vehicle enabled by the artificial...

India Inc has investment plan on e-vehicles, batteries and charging infrastructures 

NEW DELHI: India Inc is preparing plans for larger investments for the electric vehicle mission including charging infrastructure worth thousands of crores in cities,...

Redesigning Mobility of the Future – Trains 

The sheer size and population of India make it uniquely positioned to act as a test bed for green transport solutions that work for...

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