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Zinc Sacrificial Anodes – Protecting Ships

By Pavan Kaushik  The hull of a ship is the watertight body that is exposed to water. To protect the hulls, the ship builders put pieces...

Hindustan Zinc launches Garv Se Campaign for Special Children

UDAIPUR: Hindustan Zinc under its Jeevan Tarang – Zinc Ke Sang Project, has initiated six month long Campaign – Garv Se where the Special...

Developing India with Collective Social Responsibility

By Pavan Kaushik Albert Einstein said - "The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is...

It is Time We Start Caring for Deprived Children: Pavan Kaushik

By Rusen Kumar UDAIPUR: “VEDANTA KHUSHI” is probably first of its kind campaign launched to sensitize people with similar minds towards care for the deprived...

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