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Shared Value Creation as CSR : Interview with Ajit Pattnaik

By Nayan Mitra MUMBAI: There are leaders who strategize, and there are leaders who implement and there are also some leaders who do both -...

Kolkata celebrates World CSR Day

India CSR News Network KOLKATA: In Kolkata, two CSR events - one by the U.S Consulate General and another by Public Relations Society of India, Kolkata Chapter...

CSR is a component of Sustainability: Shankar Venkateswaran, Chief, Tata Sustainability...

NEW DELHI: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability has been defined variously by various researchers and practitioners at different times. In this Leadership Series,...

India CSR to start CSR Leadership Interview Series by Nayan Mitra

India CSR News Network MUMBAI: India CSR, world’s leading CSR network is initiating the India CSR Leadership Interview Series by Nayan Mitra. The Leadership Series is the...

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