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Sita Ram JindalDr Sitaram Jindal is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Jindal Aluminium Limited and Founder and Patron of Sitaram Jindal Foundation and Jindal Naturecure Institute. Under the competent leadership of Sitaram Jindal “Sitaram Jindal Foundation” which is one of the leading not-for-profit organizations, on Feb 22, 2011 announced thelaunch of India’s biggest cash prize-Jindal prize, wherein Rs 50 million ( Rs 5 Crore) shall be awarded to individuals and institutions annually to recognize their exceptional efforts rendered in different categories towards upliftment of people in the country.

Five prizes of Rs 10 million (Rs 1 Crore) each shall be conferred for categories-rural development and poverty alleviation; health-including drugless therapy; education with emphasis on moral upliftment; science, technology and environment; and peace, social harmony and development.

Dr. Sitaram Jindal was born on the 12th September 1932 in village Nalwa,Haryana ( India ) to Late Sh Netram Jindal and Late Smt Chandravali Devi. His father was a landlord and a highly disciplined person, who believed in hard work while his mother was a symbol of traditional Indian womanhood, with inexhaustible love and care for others. Sitaram Jindal was the fourth of the five brothers and they set up together an industrial empire, unparalleled in modern India and no wonder that they all carried the qualities of their parents, which formed the basis of their attitude towards life and work and a key to their success.

After completing his schooling, Dr Sitaram Jindal graduated from Calcutta University in 1956 and subsequently obtained Doctorate degree in Naturopathy.He is one of the founders of Jindal Group of Industries and is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Ltd., with a turnover of 8000 million rupees per annum. Jindal Aluminium Ltd. is India’s largest aluminium extrusion producer meeting about 30% of the nation’s extrusions demand..

An immensely successful businessman, Dr Jindal’s real passion lies in Nature Cure and Social Service The blossoming of this interest is now almost legendary. In his younger days in Kolkata, once when he was suffering from a stomach pain of unknown origin, which could not be cured by allopathic medicines taken for months, at the instance of a well wisher, he went to a local Naturopathic clinic , ill-managed and dirty, but nevertheless, got cured.

Dr.Jindal is deeply committed and highly sensitive to the welfare of the society, realising his social service responsibility. He spends quality time and huge funds for various social and charitable activities; He is instrumental in establishing and running several charitable institutions in the field of education, health, social welfare, rural development etc. and is the founder of 16 charitable trusts and societies that are doing yeoman service to the community. He does not take any help from Governments, agencies or people.

Dr. Jindal himself is a satvik, a true follower of Yoga and a sharp student of Naturopathy. At 78, his physical fitness, energy, enthusiasm and alertness are enviable.

Since long Dr Sitaram Jindal has been cherishing the idea of according recognition to the Individuals and /or organizations who are engrossed with some exemplary and credible social work aimed at ameliorating the conditions of poverty and deprivation of fellow Indians.

The purpose is to reward such persons socially and materially on one side and to create a demonstrative impact on the other, so that others especially the younger generation is motivated to the cause and takes the baton forward. The dream came true because of his far sighted vision and untiring effort and Jindal Prize became a reality, scheduled to be awarded in 2011 in Delhi at a function befitting the occasion  in  five categories of human endeavour; viz.

(1) Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation.

(2) Health including  drugless healing.

(3) Education with emphasis on moral upliftment.

(4) Science, Technology and Environment and

(5) Peace, Social Harmony and Development.

    The multi faceted personality of Dr Sitaram Jindal is difficult to be portrayed in a few words or pages. However, it can be safely described as that of a humble person, who besides being a pioneer in industry, is Gandhian by principle, ardent lover of nature, sharp student of naturopathy, simple to the core, spiritual in thought, self disciplined ; crusader against injustice, corruption and exploitation of the poor, champion of the empowerment of women, a philanthropist of rare magnitude and a man of principle. All these traits summed up together portray him in no uncertain terms ‘ A Karmayogi” par excellence.

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