Sir Dr. Huz extends its support to Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation

Wockhardt Foundation is a national, not-for-profit organization engaged in social service and human welfare activities.

Mary Kom along with Sir Dr. Huz, CEO & Trustee, Wockhardt Foundation support underprivileged children in their journey towards becoming India’s boxing champions

MUMBAI: Wockhardt Foundation announced its first-ever initiative in the field of sports through its association with Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation with an aim to identify, support and encourage young athletes who want to build their careers in boxing.

Mary Kom has always strived hard and given her best – from being a combative child amidst hardships and challenges, to channeling her love of boxing into a successful career, and to becoming what she is today.

While addressing people at the event, Sir Dr. Huz said, “It is a double thrill to partner with Mary Kom and her foundation for young children with aspirations. The idea of supporting the Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation is to help the talented yet underprivileged children in the society with adequate training, support and encouragement to build their careers in boxing.”

In response to this, Mary Kom said, “I am thankful to Wockhardt Foundation and Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala to extend such support to our foundation. Our foundation looks forward to achieving a better performance by the young athletes of India, by providing them with better facilities. Therefore, we also look forward to the Central and State Government’s rendering their support towards this cause.”