SIES College of Management Studies organizes research conference on ‘Imperatives on CSR’ 


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MUMBAI: South Indian Education Society (SIES) is known as one of the oldest educational trusts in the city of Mumbai, having been established in the city of Mumbai in 1932. SIES is a learning organization that adapts itself to the fast growing dynamic environment, while retaining the cultural values and ethos. SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) at Navi Mumbai is a well established and leading B-school in Mumbai and has over the years achieved a distinct position on Pan-India basis too. It is today ranked as one the Top B-schools in the country.

CSR in the recent years has gained its importance and is often discussed at highest levels of companies in a variety of interpretations as to what it actually means and the impact of company’s action on the society. The focus of the business schools invites considerations on current social issues by providing resources, ideas, consulting for B school aspirants working to bring a gigantic social change for the good.

As a part of its social commitment SIESCOMS has clearly understood the need for such an act and tried to enter in to this area since last couple years and has been putting all its untimely efforts in achieving the goal of building Indian managers with global perspective. SIES inculcates serious thoughts towards analyzing the social problems and making the students feel the importance of their role as socially responsible budding managers.

As a way to meet the objective the conference held on 4 February, 2017 focused on the key social issues. It was an opportunity to the academicians, NGO/CSR partners and corporate to debate and discuss through research findings the imperatives on Corporate Social Responsibility

“In this conference we came across the views of outstanding personalities and their contribution towards the society. On the auspicious occasion we had Upendra H. Sontakke who had an experience of 19 years, presently heading the CSR department of Astarc Group of companies. His domain expertise lies in the field of CSR working closely with the government, grass root NGO and other like minded organization.”, South Indian Education Society said.

Imperatives on CSRUpendra H. Sontakke gave an idea as to how the organization works for the development of the rural society the challenges they face and the concerns they have.

Dr S Srinivasan, wellness and life skills expert, said, “we speak of development, changing the face of India adding up all the bombastic words to the dictionary of the Indian economy, but is it actually effective? Could we actually feel there is a change? These all questions still remains unanswered.”

“A lot of schemes and initiatives by the government and private body were highlighted. But hardly anyone stood up to the expectation. we actually need to change India then we must actually break the stereotype and bring a change within us then only we can change India Charity begins at home and from home only we incorporate genuine habits it was just like an elixir that actually kept us refreshed.”, he added.Imperatives on CSR in India

After this Madhura Dasgupta Sinha addressed. She was just astounding like her brand name XLRI. Madhura Dasgupta Sinha is currently associated with IDFC Bank, the youngest bank of India. She informed that how the members of IDFC bank helped Chennai victims at the time of Floods. The next Vanesa D’ Souza, CEO, SNEHA Foundation (Society for Nutrition Education And Health care Action). She thrown light as how the children and the adults are facing issues regarding the nutritious food and the remedies taken and how successful they are today in curing the malnutrition diseases?

“After this we had the session on research paper presentations by the academicians on the subject CSR, representing colleges across India. Overall it was an eye opener to many of the issues we are not aware and we believe such sessions will definitely help the younger generation to prioritize social commitment. We acknowledge our knowledge partners CASI Global Newyork for being with us in supporting us to reach our goal.”, South Indian Education Society said.

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