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There is an exciting social innovation approach happening in India through IndiaCSR, which is the first and currently the only online news portal promoting CSR communication and reporting. At IndiaCSR, the definition of CSR is to embrace responsibility for business actions and encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members. IndiaCSR is one kind of social innovation platform and has a mission to support experts and organisations to build responsible and sustainable businesses. The portal does this by providing powerful opportunities for learning experience with relevant theory, frameworks and tools.

The popularity of IndiaCSR recognizes it as a gateway for anyone interested in CSR in India and rest of the globe. More specifically it is useful to the policy makers, investors, researchers, media persons, students, politicians and the common men as well. It has fast entrenched itself in the lives of young and dynamic professional readers.

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IndiaCSR has greater audience reach and penetration and has emerged as the favourite destination for intellectuals having deep inclination and interest in CSR and its related subjects. IndiaCSR platform can be utilized for advertising and promotional purposes of CSR programmes and projects, as it ensures high return on investment in terms of visibility and reach. IndiaCSR is empowering professionals by providing useful information and helping them to get the professional knowledge.

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