Seminar on Social Enterprise at BIMTECH on 20 Dec

India CSR News Network

NEW DELHI: Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Noida; Hull University and British Council will jointly organize a day long seminar on Social Enterprise on December 20, 2016 at BIMTECH, Nodia. Forum will present views, discuss ideas and debate on the various theoretical frames.

Under the British Council initiative of “Social Enterprise Education Programme (SEEP)”, Birla Institute of Management Technology, India and Hull University, UK, have received support for working on “Mainstreaming University – Social Enterprise Ecosystem (MUSEE)” to conceptualize and present a theoretical relation for optimum engagement and output.

Social entrepreneurship opens the door to possibilities beyond the traditional concepts and the notion of a single bottom line. The third sector, the social sector, merges these traditional concepts, and instead of working towards a single bottom line, social enterprises work towards two: profit and impact.

Our next generation is told that they can change the world, but the tools that exist to help aid them in their crusade to make an impact are limited. Understanding what social value is, how it is created, and why it is difficult to measure are topics that provoke and can challenge our beliefs of how our world operates. From world hunger and poverty to health care and
education, the principles of social entrepreneurship are used to help create new solutions to social matters by reframing the issue and focusing on context.

Mainstreaming social entrepreneurship education through curriculum and policy intervention will definitely help with the process. A focused debate on how the two eco-systems, university ecosystem and social entrepreneurship ecosystem, can be aligned in more productive and efficient ways to produce socially responsible knowledge, practices and graduates is required in this context. This seminar is expected to produce evidence based input for policy recommendations to university leaders, professors and students.