Select Cabs To Start Regular Yoga Session For Drivers After Successful Pilot Campaign


BENGALURU: Select Cabs, an End-To-End Employee Transport Service provider have started their regular yoga sessions to ensure better physical and psychological health of its drivers from today. The decision was taken after successful completion of a pilot yoga campaign conducted by the company.

At the onset, compliance officers from the Chennai branch of Select Cabs will be trained by renowned yoga instructor, Satyanarayana, and will be continued till 31st October. These officers will further train the drivers at client locations. The company will launch the free yoga campaign pan-India on 1st November 2018. By the end of November, Select Cabs targets to extend the training to more than 5500 of its drivers.

Emphasizing the benefits of yoga for drivers, N. Anand, Director of Select Cabs, says, “Our drivers have to work graveyard shifts which adds to their physical and mental discomfort. Ensuring passengers’ safety is also very critical during such odd hours. The yoga campaign will foster overall health and inner well being in the drivers and will also help in reducing accidents led by weariness.”

Select Cabs started the initiative with in-house yoga programs for small batches of drivers. The company has now planned to start a customized yoga crash course to cater to drivers’ occupational health issues. The crash course will focus on solving problems specific to the cab driver. Yoga Asanas targeting the neck, shoulder, spine and limbs will be included in the training. Yoga will help the drivers in dealing with work-related stress, making them more alert and assure their happiness and well-being.

Select cab provides employee services mainly to BPO, Techcom and Aviation companies. The drivers have to work during odd hours, usually in lobster shifts. The irregular sleeping pattern causes drowsiness which raises concern regarding the passengers as well the drivers’ safety. Deep breathing techniques and meditation training will help the drivers have a better concentration. It will help them in managing fatigue caused by to their erratic working schedule.

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