CSR : R K Marble putting Employees first- Organizes Eye-Camp


Kishangarh, Ajmer: 22nd of March, 2018, saw R K Marble set aside their daily grinding schedule and prioritize the well-being of their employees.

R K Marble has unvaryingly believed that a peaceful state-of-mind of an employee is largely a by-product of good health. To them, health is not just the state of being disease-free, but an all-round state of well-being- socially, environmentally and physically.

Providing their employees with routine body-checkups, held periodically, is their long standing policy. It is imperative that a good company understands the worth of healthier employees with a positive mind-set and the wonders they are hence capable of producing.

Some anonymous wisely once said, “It’s equally important to take good care of your employees. If you take care of your employees, they’ll automatically do the best for your organization and your clients.”

R K Marble, most definitely associates with these principles and virtues.

As computers have become a significant part of work-lives, strain on eyes is a consistent issue. Consistent and quite conveniently ignored by most employees in their schedule, as is known by R K Marble from their years of past experience. To not let any serious issue fester latently because of simple humane unmindfulness, R K Marble organized an eye-camp for the benefit of their employees.

A specialized team of renowned ophthalmologist and eye-surgeon, Dr. Virendra Agrawal checked employees for eye-related disorders and solved many frequent eye-problems.

After the check-up, Dr. Agrawal informed team R K about the common instructions that wef ail to bring to practice even after knowing full-well about them. According to him, awareness without action is no awareness at all. He informed the team about dry eyes and the common eye-exercises, taking less than a minute, which will prove helpful. He also reminded everyone of the correct distance and the right posture that one should maintain while working on a computer. He emphasized on the need of regular breaks from continuous staring at the screen, in every two to three hours.

The most interesting session was perhaps the part where Dr. Agrawal busted the prevalent myths related to eyes and eye-care. He discussed the reasons behind the twitching of the eye and cleared the clouds of superstition by explaining spasms in the eye as an involuntary movement of the muscles due to contraction and relaxation of the eyes. He launched into details about the various reasons behind this sudden movement. Dry eyes, lack of a good sleep, pollution, eye-infection, consumption of alcohol and caffeine, eye-allergy, poor vision and neurological diseases being some of them.

Dr. Agrawal emphasized on shunning the superstitions and taking good care of eyes. He also urged the R K Team to be active eye-donors out of compassion for the multitudes of blind people living in the country who are unfortunately deprived of the blessing of vision.

The success of the session can be judged by the awareness seen later in the employees. The general awareness that Dr. Agrawal imparted, turned out to be very educational. Many were seen practicing his care instructions, long after he departed from the R K premises.

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