R K Marble initiatives towards sustainable future and energy conservation

Solar Power Plant – R K Marble

KISHANGARH: Kishangarh is the home to R K Marble, a brand which is widely known for its remarkable global presence for amusing range of lavishing marble including Indian and Imported marble.

Marble cutting and processing has always been a high consumption affair in terms of electricity and the water as in the basic services. R K Marble has shown its girt determination to use the clean energy and alternate energy sources in order to match the company’s power requirements.

The company is bound to use comprehensive water resources as water plays a major role as a coolant and as a lubricant for marble cutting. Company has installed two filtration plants with the capacity of 1300 cubic meters per hour in the year 1997 and in year 2010 with filter press which is used for recycling and to remove the marble slurry from water which already has been used.

Both of the filtration plants have the capacity of 1300 cubic meters per hour which leads towards a compressive saving of resource.

Maintaining 20 gang-saws and the world class processing facility is not an easy task for any organization in terms of power consumption. R K Marble as in single entity consumes somewhat near 600,000 units of electricity per month in order to keep things intact and operational.

According to the Surendra Prajapati, who is heading the Electrical Department, “There has always been a dependency on the state board of electricity and the open access via power trading via Indian Energy Exchange for the power requirements and the scale on which the company has its power requirements, it was very much required for us to find one another alternative for the power requirements”.

R K Marble has recently completed its first anniversary for the commencement of solar power plant which is in operations since October 2016. Talking about the solar power plant, Prajapati further stated that “Company has installed the power plant on an approximate area of 6,300 sq. meters which is capable of producing approximately 150,000 units of electricity which has significantly reduced the electrical expenses of the company and is effective in saving nearly Rs 1,000,000 per month. Apart from the environmental advantages of the solar power, the company is also eligible to export the energy to the state government.”

In order to support the state of art machines, the company has also installed high efficiency motors and variable speed drives with the help of which the company is able to prevent energy losses. The company has already defined various targets for energy conservation on different platforms. The company has successfully replaced all of the CFL and florescent tubes with LED lights inside the company campus including the corporate office. Moreover, the company also believes in the training programs and conducting energy audits in order to educate and upgrade the energy conservation techniques of the employees.

Golf Cart – R K Marble

Talking about the clean energy and environmental friendly policies of the company, the company has 15 Golf Cars including the seating capacity of four seater and six seaters, which functions on 48V battery and has the runtime backup of about 12 hours. These Golf Cars are used inside the company for inside company movements and visitor movements.

Talking about the eco-friendly policies and golf cars, Executive president R K Gupta says “We believe in the eco-friendly policies established by government of India which is always there to help to save the ecosystem and yes we’re contributing our bit for the same. It was wise to move to ahead towards the non-conventional energy sources in spite of depending upon the conventional energy sources and these changes have empowered us to take things in a bright side by setting an example into the sector.”

Gupta further added that with the help of the Ratanlal Kanwarlal Foundation, we have installed one solar power plant at Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Girls College, Kishangarh which is able to generate nearly 150KW of electricity which is been consumed by the girls college to fulfill the electrical requirements of the college. The company has a green, well planted campus and has a strong commitment towards the energy saving.

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