R K Marble collaborates for Design Prespective as Luxury Partner

NEW DELHI: The seismic shifts in the architectural world are brought at conventions of creative minds. Inspirations drawn, innovations conceptualised and unconventional designs are being fabricated at Design Perspective- an illuminating initiative by FOAID. Having commenced on 9th of February, 2018, this chain of exhibitions, is a special expedition for FOAID’s Luxury Partner for Design Perspective, RK Marble.

The premier marble company of India, renowned for their transcendent quality marble, has joined hands to successfully launch an event that expands across the continent of India to the land of Mount Everest, Nepal. In its first exhibition at the Crown Plaza of the old port city of Cochin, Design Perspective witnessed a grand congregation of beginners and professional practitioners of the trade.

We asked R. K. Gupta, Executive President, RK Marble, on what Design Perspective means to their company.

“Design Perspective is our dynamic approach towards magnifying the superior brand value of our company. We are a brand that people put their blind trust in and exhibitions such as Design Perspective, are visible opportunities to reflect that trust. Our Brand and Marketing Team has geared up to the task and shown what true quality marble mixed with sheer brilliance of the design can do, here at Design Perspective.”, elaborates Gupta.

We asked Vimal Singh Panwar, Brand Manager, RK Marble, about their constitutional approach in making Design Perspective, a success.

“Digital Marketing is the marketing equal of the colour black in the world of fashion. Even while you use it to an optimum, there’s always scope for more creativity. With Design Perspective in sight, we are focussed on exploiting the many aspects of Digital Marketing. Our objective of leaving a lasting impression on our customers is what drives us and eventually aids us to facilitate a unique design that is a pleasure to behold and delve in.” responds Panwar.

We asked him about the strategies the team employs when representing a global brand as RK Marble, Panwar says, “The fundamentals of the strategies are ideally the same. We let our products and designs speak for themselves because no branding can compete with the impression that a truly remarkable product, generates. At the same time, we make sure the opulence and lavishness, characteristic of RK Marble, is well-extended to our consumers by keeping our strategies flexible to last-minute crunches.”

As to what the company expects out of Design Perspective, Panwar replies, “The challenge of creating avant-garde designs in a limited time frame keeps us on our toes. Moulding marketing strategies to match the designs we showcase at each exhibition, is a thrilling experience. We aim to grow bigger and better with every exhibition that we execute and attend. We expect to make an enhanced use of Digital Marketing, a consistently progressive habit.”

We asked how much your team has evolved with these exhibitions, Panwar answers with a smile, “The most appropriate measure of growth is the exponential increase in quality of the work that you deliver. With Design Perspective, we have made the concept of affordable luxury, an easy reality. The team has learned many exciting traits of the trade with this exhibition. Being a Luxury Partner has brought us to the limelight. The team will continue to provide a new definition to the term luxury.”

“RK Marble is excellence at its best and the brand image that is common to our name will be taken further, exhibition per exhibition, with Design Perspective.” Panwar states on the ambitions of RK Marble with Design Perspective. “The innovations and creative designs that come out as a result of this exhibition, will ergonomically be used in our future dealings with our customers.”