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Whether it’s through our B2B or CSR partnership programs, partnering with India CSR can help you to increase business network, build your brand, and expand your reach worldwide.

India CSR has always believed in the advancement of information technology & communication, learning, and education, playing a key role within those knowledge communities for generations.

We are a world’s leading CSR newswire, CSR knowledge forum, publisher and content solutions provider, with deep experience and a proven track record of creating shared success through collaborative partnerships.

Our partners value our pan India reach, network and trusted brand. We create innovative, high-performing joint programmes with partners worldwide too. We welcome you to be a Partner with us and add value to your brand and business network.

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India CSR is open to mutually beneficial alliances for content sharing arrangements with partners sharing common objectives, provided they cater to the requirements of visitors/readers/stakeholders to India CSR.