Our aim is to create awareness towards Global Warming in India: Prashant Kothari, Chairman, GWACT


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New Delhi: Udaipur based Prashant Kothari Finance MBA leads the Global Warming Awareness Charitable Trust (GWACT) – 2011 Green Revolution. The trust aim is to check the Global Warming and educate every individual about the effects and causes of Global Warming. With the several Activities, GWACT ensures that people, especially children must aware about effects of Global Warming which gradually harming the Earth. INDIACSR in conversation with Prashant Kothari, Chairman of the GWACT shares his views on his unique project on Environment.  Below is a verbatim transcript of the interview :

Q. You have launched “Global Warming Awareness Charitable Trust – Green Revolution”. What is the mission of trust?

The trust has been formed with a motive to spread a word of awareness in the society about the dreadful effects of global warming as it is the need for the hour. We have seen the drastic change in climatic conditions across the world and the society needs to act now which forms the basis of our mission for the trust.

Q. What do you mean by ” Green Revolution in India”?

Green revolution the word is self explanatory and depicts the vision of this movement, we will do a mass movement in the country whereby every citizen can contribute by helping the Green revolution team plant more trees across and ultimately contributing in improvement of the society.

Q. Why do you feel such initiative is required?

Well as I said above that it is the need of the hour to face the challenges posed by the devil global warming which has been ignored by most of us. We need to dig deep into the roots of this problem and need to identify possible solutions for the problem which may become bigger if not dealt well today.

Q. Why do you think the global warming gaining so much attention globally?

The effects of global warming have started showing its dreadful colors which has really shocked and alerted the world society as a whole and the various findings about and after effects of the Green revolution has really infused a sense of urgency in the people to deal with it.

Q. What is your future planing towards ” Green Revolution in India”

We will do a nationwide rally to create the awareness about the movement, road shows, schools and college presentations, involvement of states and central governments and especially school children will be taught about the evil effects of Global Warming on the environment and how this prob can affect their future. We will seek alliances from various corporate and govt authorities to make this mission a mission for everyone in the society.

Q. You are an MBA in Finance. In the age of 28 years what is inspiration behind to choose Global worming for career growth?

The inspiration is the current state of the society which has been done very inequitable because of various obvious and non obvious reasons. People living in poverty, people who are rich are ignorant to the problem persisting for a very long time. The wish to make the society a better place to live is kick backing me to attempt this required necessity.

Q. Kindly share your achievement and experiences in Green Revolution initiative?

Well a lot of achievements to follow and experiences are to be shared with the society, till date its been a journey of struggles in a sense that awareness is missing which had been created to an extent by our endeavors and hopefully we will continue doing the same.

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