Orient Bell’s CSR initiative: Tiles that Educate, Ek Acha Bhavishya


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NEW DELHI: Inspired by the desire to meaningfully and wholeheartedly contribute towards the nationwide mission of enabling education and inclusive growth, Orient Bell Limited has introduced Tiles that Educate for a brighter future ahead.

Recognizing education as one of the pivotal building blocks for a developed nation that continues to progress, Orient Bell’s CSR initiative takes a holistic approach towards improving the state of primary education in India. Crafting an innovative program to solve the persistent problems cropping up, Orient Bell Limited began their first project under this initiative in Uttar Pradesh’s Til Begampur.

Revamping the classroom setting with educative yet aesthetically pleasing digitally printed tiles with alphabets, numbers and maps are plastered across the school. This aids children in learning and facilitating stronger recall value  transforming teaching and inspires learning to increase student engagement, nurture young minds and ultimately, improve outcome.

Aided by technological innovation, Orient Bell’s transformative mission has been realized with patented digital printing on the classroom tiles. Going beyond just the classrooms, the washrooms have been covered in patented germ free tiles that exemplify hygiene and sanitation.

One of the great but often unrecognized causes of willingness to learn is the environment itself – the kind of walls, chairs and colours we are surrounded by. After refurbishing the school environs in Til Begampur, Orient Bell has witnessed the impact created with an increasing number of teachers motivated to teach and an even greater number of children attending school with a newfound interest and zeal to learn. Making proper sanitation a reality, the project has also cultivated an environment where students, especially girls, can focus on learning without worrying about the lack of hygienic facilities.

Education is a binding force and the backbone of every society in this world. Yet, what matters the most is quality education, which still remains a distant dream for many. A plethora of government initiatives to provide access to primary education may be underway, but issues of equity, quality and access remain areas of concern – particularly in rural schools. Children in rural areas continue to be deprived of quality education owing to factors like lack of competent and committed teachers, dearth of infrastructure, and lack of sanitation.

Despite several efforts being made, the absence of systematic implementation and proper direction continue to yield the impact insignificant.

According to Joint Managing Director, Madhur Daga, “Quality and access are major concerns with an increasing occurrence of single classrooms to educate students from more than one grade, fewer committed teachers and lack of proper learning material in the school. However, after Orient Bell’s initiatives of refurbishing the environment, the school witnessed an increase in the presence of teachers with an enthusiasm to educate & the attendance of the students also experienced a substantial rise.”

In view of such concerns, Orient Bell realized the need to uplift the education system in an exclusive manner and thus has taken up the responsibility to provide a brighter future for all alike.

Following the success of the school at Til Begampur, Orient Bell plans to expand the horizons of education across the country, with Ek Acha Bhavishya  soon bridging the gap in 30 other schools.

The foundation for turning India into a strong nation has to be laid down at primary and rural levels, thereby making the need for quality education a prime concern. Fostering a haven for young minds to grow and excel by giving rural schools a holistic perspective and taking education to a whole new level, Orient Bell Limited is working towards realizing their dream of ‘Ek Acha Bhavishya’.

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