Maruti Driving Schools trained 5,00,000 people under its National Road Safety Mission


NEW DELHI: Under the programme launched in December 2008, the the country’s largest car-maker Maruti Suzuki India has successfully trained over 500,000 people so far. Out of these 5,00,000 trainees, over, 147,000 (over 28 per cent) are from economically weaker sections of the society, who are beneficiaries of this special programme and are sponsored by Maruti Suzuki. Many of them are meaningfully engaged today, company said on 14 November 2011 here.

Company has trained over 10 lakh people in safe driving in last decade and the company targets to double Maruti Driving Schools in next three years

Maruti Suzuki has been working on road safety since 2000. But it was only in 2008 when the company gave a formal structure to its initiatives on road safety through its flagship National Road Safety Mission (NRSM) programme, which is a World class Driving Training infrastructure set up by Maruti Suzuki. Over the last decade, Maruti Suzuki has developed two successful forms of driving training infrastructure: One is in association with state governments (public-private partnership model) and the other is in association with its dealers.

In addition, the Company has successfully expanded its training infrastructure in the form of 6 operational Institutes of Driving and Traffic Research and over 192 Maruti Driving Schools thriving across the country. With this special infrastructure in place, the Company has in a small way institutionalized driving training in the country and brought in international best practices to the Country.

On the occasion, Mr. Mayank Pareek, Managing Executive Office, Marketing & Sales, said, “The milestone of training 500,000 people in safe driving, is only a humble beginning, compared to the scale of the issue. The scale can be gauged from the latest report compiled by International Road Federation, which states that India loses close to about Rs 100,000 Crore every year in road accidents. In terms of fatalities, around 160,000 lives are lost annually in road accidents. As the automobile sector continues to grow, there is a need to bring in high quality training institutes, which help institutionalize high ‘quality training’ on road safety. This requires a 360-degree approach and involvement of several bodies. We hope to be the catalyst for other organizations to join the road safety efforts.”

Adds Mr. Pareek, “I take this opportunity to thank our dealer partners, who have partnered with us in setting up state-of-the art driving training infrastructure in the country. With their support, we are successfully running over 192 driving schools in the country. Various State governments have joined hands with us in setting up IDTRs and institutionalizing driving training in the country. Going forward, we look forward to support and guidance of several other state governments to strengthen this initiative of national importance.”

Announcing the road map ahead, Mr. Pareek adds, “So far we have trained over 10 lakh people through our existing network of 6 IDTRs and 192 Maruti Driving Schools. We now target to double the network of Maruti Driving Schools to 400 in the next 2 to 3 years. This will help us train more people by spreading high quality structured driving training in the country.”

To strengthen its road safety initiatives , the Company recently, added another interesting format in the form of ‘Road Safety Knowledge Centre’, in partnership with the Gurgaon police. This new platform targets to enhance traffic education and inculcate safe driving habits for commuters of Gurgaon. In addition to existing driving training modules, the centre has been equipped to offer specialized training to traffic violators.

The first public-private partnership venture initiated in 2000 with the Delhi Government at Wazirabad road in north-east Delhi. The second IDTR set up in 2006 at Sarai Kale Khan, south Delhi.

IDTRs offer state-of-the-art training infrastructure, driving training  tracks, driving simulators and training modules as per international norms. The two IDTRs have trained around 700,000 people, predominantly commercial drivers. In addition to Delhi, Maruti Suzuki now has IDTRs at Vadodara (Gujarat), Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and in Rohtak and Bahadurgarh in Haryana. In addition to driving training, the Vadodara IDTR offers skill training to tribal youths thereby strengthening employability prospects of learners. Several state governments have shown interest in setting up similar facilities with Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Driving School in an initiative to engage Maruti Suzuki Dealers in the Company’s Road Safety initiatives

Maruti Suzuki has a network of over 192 MDS across the country.

1. First Maruti Driving School (MDS) opened in Bangalore 2005.
2. MDS are equipped with world class, state-of-the-art driving simulators.
3. Over 300,000 people have been trained at Maruti Driving Schools
4. 50 per cent of the car learners at MDS outlets are women
5. Maruti Suzuki targets to double the MDS network over next three years.

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