Manoj Bhargava’ great innovation HANS Powerpack offers free electricity to Indians

Manoj Bhargava believes those with wealth have a duty to serve those with less.

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By Rusen Kumar

There are full pages advertisement cum awareness campaign titled ‘Free Electricity is Here’ published in the Delhi based newspapers, promoting a film on 3 latest life changing innovations by Manoj Bhargava, scheduled to aired in various news channels on Saturday and Sunday till November 5, 2017. The Ad appealed on watching the film.

USA based Manoj Bhargava, who is India-born billionaire, revolutionary entrepreneur, innovators and philanthropist, whose picture is featured in same advertisement says, “Billions in Change 2 is the story of group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project.”

The ads is an introduction of innovations – HANS Powerpack, RainMaker for Brackish Water and, Shivansh: Free Fertilizer, are simple products and ideas that can change the lives of people throughout India today.

Let me describe the above three innovations.

HANS Powerpack is all about free electricity’ This lightweight, portable power device permits people to easily generate and store power for daily uses, such as lights, fans, mobile devices and computers. This revolutionary item ensure electricity by 24 hours. It gives freedom to have your own power station at home. No electricity bill further. Lithium and Solar enabled this 4 KG weighted portal power produces power for 300 watt hours. It offers 12 year warranty. It can be recharged for free using the built-in solar panel. It can also be plugged into a regular wall socket and charged off the grid.

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Billionsinchange says, “The HANS inventions allow people to generate their own electricity with having to pay a utility bill, buy fuel, or produce harmful pollution.”

RainMaker for Brackish Water able to covert brackish water into clean, clear water for drinking and agriculture. This system will make a difference in health and wellbeing of crores of people throughout India. The RainMaker for Grey Water is a small, self-contained unit that uses a series of filters to purify water from river, sewage, bacteria-filled water, well, etc.  It is easy to installed and used immediately. If electricity is not available, it can be used with a manual pump or a bike pump.

Shivansh: Free Fertilizer can be made in 18 days. It is made from agriculture waste material that’s why it is free. It helps in preventing air pollution and finally reduces costs, improve crop yields, and enables farmers to make a better living. Shivansh Fertilizer, is intended to help the laksh of farmers who are unable to make a living and take care of their families because of the debilitating expense of chemical fertilizer.

Shivansh is a simple-to-follow and cost-free method of making fertilizer using whatever is laying around the farm—dry plant material, fresh grass, crop residues, animal manure. This fertilizer method was discovered and refined through work sponsored by The Hans Foundation, one of the largest charitable organizations in India, and also funded by Bhargava.

Billions in Change 2 has a mission to bring life-changing inventions to the unlucky half of the world. Manoj Bhargava believes those with wealth have a duty to serve those with less.

Manoj Bhargava recently said, “Lights, clean water and nutritious food are the foundation of health, education and livelihood. Without them it’s impossible to live a productive life and care for your family.”

Manoj Bhargava reveals his own Darwin-like philosophy when it comes to the invention process, “If something works, I’m there. If it doesn’t work, it’s out.”

His approach to philanthropy was originally chronicled in the year 2015 in documentary film, Billions in Change, in which he described how some of the new devices evolved.

Electricity yet to reach to every villages in India and is a challenges to achieve electricity for all mission. As per recent Government statement, all the state have joined Power for All agreement and pledged to boost holistic development of entire village electrification process to provide 24×7 affordable and power to all which has planned under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY). Govt. taken up Village Electrification on Mission mode targeting completion by May 2018.

Author’ Observation

However, the cost and affordability of the products are not described in the advisement, which makes the ads irrelevant and finally mislead the readers. What kind of supply chain model will be adopted to reach the millions of the people is also critical and finds no mention in the advertisements.

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