Malti Jayant Dalal High School celebrates 5 decades of education services

MUMBAI: Malti Jayant Dalal High School, run by the Sadhana Educational Society (SES), celebrated its Golden Jubilee on June 23, 2018. Chandru Raheja (Trustee and Chairman, SES) and Neel Raheja (Trustee, SES) were amongst the people who attended the event.

Sadhana Educational Society is a charitable organization, known for providing quality education services to children who cannot afford private education. It has helped over 50,000 students in the last 50 years. The school has pre-primary, primary and secondary wings. At present, the school has 1,600 students.

The ceremonial lamp was lit by HC. Agarwal (Chief Post Master General); Chandru Raheja, Neel Raheja and Vishwas Dhumal (Member, Council of Management, SES). The students put together a beautiful cultural program, which included dance performances, along with other entertaining acts. A postal cover decorated with the school emblem was also launched on the day. The words on the emblem read Prajvalito Gnyanmay Pradip, which means To light the lamp of knowledge.

What made the event more interesting was the exhibit of some uncommon research books in the library of Kapla Khandvala College of Education. The books, which were as old as 50-80 years, have been an attraction for many scholars and researchers from across the city of Mumbai. Neel Raheja and Chandru Raheja interacted with the students present at the event.

Speaking on the event, Chandru Raheja said that the books are a source of inspiration to the students and will help children dream big and attain success. An All India Library seminar to discuss the digitization and preservation of this treasure was also held in March.

Hutoxi Aibara (Principal, Malti Jayant Dalal High School) said, “The journey of five decades with great responsibility of delivering value based quality education to the first generation learners is what Sadhana Education Society’s Malti Jayant Dalal High School is delivering as promised. The Golden Jubilee special cover also incorporates this with the logo Roots of Values & Wings of Dreams.”

Vishwas Dhumal (Member, Council of Management, SES), also remarked, “What started as an endeavor to provide quality education at affordable prices to kids of both gender, has today grown into an institute of repute. The qualified educationalists and best teaching methods will position the school well for further growth. The books, that are eight-decade-old, are now a treasure trove for the ones who throng the library. The inaugural Golden Jubilee function is a testimony to our efforts to empower communities and build a brighter future for our generations.”

About Sadhana Education Society: The first college that began in the year 1962, was a stepping stone for the foundation for Sadhana Education Society. Today, various institutes like L. S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce (Junior, Degree including Self-Financing Courses & Post Graduate), Kapila Khandvala College of Education and Malti Jayant Dalal High School (3 Sections: Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary) fall under the patronage of SSS.