Interview of Roadtrippers Club member Deepak Ananth


By Rusen Kumar

Today we are interacting with Deepak Ananth, a Roadtripper, Home Chef, Photographer, Avid Reader and a Payment Industry professional, who has varied interests, with one common trait, he loves doing all of the above while he is travelling, exploring the countryside. Deepak had been biking on his Royal Enfield for the past decade and half, and on 4 wheels for even more, covering over 500,000 kms in India itself ! As a member of the Road Trippers Club, he has attended almost every drive organised by the club and loves the camaraderie established amongst the members.

Rusen Kumar, Editor of India CSR Network talked to him on recent development and future plans of RoadTrippers club community. Excerpts of interview:

What made the Roadtrippers Club join hands with MMMF?

Members of the RoadTrippers club community have always been very fond of music and most of our conversations center around our tastes in music when we travel. When we heard of how the MMMF outreach program was touching lives of kids in Mumbai we decided to meet with them to understand them better. Our meeting cemented our faith in them due to the sheer dedication they displayed in teaching young minds structured music and bettering their lives.

Tell us more about the initiative; it’s details.

This is mainly an awareness program. With MMMF putting in efforts to change lives of 100’s of kids we brainstormed and decided to do our bit by creating a road trip anthem. We wanted an ode to the everyday rhythm that we hear but don’t heed. The video for this track was shot 2 weeks and has just been released. Along with the release we plan to promote a crowd sourcing link that will help you contribute to Mehli Mehta Music Foundation MMMF directly and through them help the underprivileged kids. With a click and by entering your relevant details each one of us can now make a difference.

What has been the outcome post the first drive for this initiative and what are the plans?

We are just starting the promotions and I know the members of the club, as usual, will get behind this initiative and promote it amongst their friends and family. But this is not the end of our association. We hope to be a part of an ongoing campaign which will create an awareness of such programmes run for the benefit of the underprivileged. Small steps, but definitely a step in the right direction from this community of passionate road trippers.

About RoadTrippers club: RoadTrippers club is a community of Road Travellers who are united by a common thread, the passion to explore places in India. They are around 300 members made up of people from all ages and walks of life. Most of their drives are centred around a theme that not only provides the much needed enjoyment while exploring the local culture but also teaches the members about what highway driving is all about. Membership for Roadtrippers Club is absolutely free and anyone with access to 4 wheels can join, regardless of what they drive.

Link for their music video –

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