INDIACSR Launches Portal for its Raigarh CSR Seminar to be Held on 20 July


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RAIGARH (Chhattisgarh): INDIACSR today launched a dedicated Portal ( ) for its Raigarh CSR Seminar to be held on 20 July 2012. The one day event is being organized at Hotel Shreshtha, Raigarh . The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness about the emerging trends in Corporate Social Responsibility and to understand how these can be implemented as a tool of socio-economy development of the region emerged as  most admired industrial area in the state of Chhattisgarh, a fastest growing state in the country.

The detailed information about the event are available in the portal Professionals or organizations that willing to join the event can download registration form and brochure from the website. (please visit : )

 “CSR of Mining and Power: Towards Socio-Economy Progress” will discuss all relevant issues connected to Power for all and Sustainable mining at a seminar in Riagarh. The seminar would provide a forum to initiate a dialogue and enlighten the participants on creating a competitive edge for their business organizations with the help of responsible management practices of your company.

The Mining & Power in country are a major economic activities which contributes appreciably to the socio-economy progress. Mining industry is fulfilling the industrial need and power sector is lighting the lives and hopes of millions of people.

While mining industry is fueling the industrial growth and functioning, power industry is accelerating development in terms of infrastructural development, employment creation, enhancing habitats, flourishing of many other industries and technological advancements.

Potential topics of Seminar includes such as Social Responsibility Standards, Corporate Governance and management system, Community empowerment and capacity building, CSR fund and infrastructure development, CSR and woman empowerment, Human rights in the context of mining, Rights of Indigenous people and Mining,  Rehabilitation and Resettlement in Mining and Power; Fair labor and operation practices, Measuring, monitoring and reporting social performance, Dealing with community conflict and grievances, Corporate Sustainability: The Emerging Scenario, Partnerships for Social Progress, Engaging Society, Enhancing Competitiveness through CSR, Strategies to Engage Society More and Enhance Competitiveness, Business Ethics and CSR, Corporate Governance and CSR, Mainstreaming Responsible Business and Competitiveness; Role of the Public Policy, Rethinking the Social Bottom line and Capacity Creation not just philanthropy.

The seminar is very relevant for govt Agencies, department of industry and mining and environment management, Mine management, mining engineers and geologists, Power companies management, CSR Professionals of the companies, Human Resources personnel, Environment professionals, Corporate communications Professionals and Consultants & Service providers etc.

By attending the seminar, participant will be able strengthen their organization’s reputation in business, dealing through outstanding operations and proven techniques in corporate responsibility.

INDIACSR invites speakers ( who are industry leader would enlighten the august gathering with their vast knowledge and experience. Listening to these speakers would not only be a sheer delight but would facilitate knowledge sharing and a learning experience.


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