India CSR E-Zine for the month of October released

Dear Readers,

The India CSR Editorial Team is pleased to e-release the 2nd edition of India CSR eZine.

We have given this edition a vibrant look and feel with thought-provoking contents, views and updates. India CSR e-Zine, the monthly publication, brings report on various recent development, views, and thoughts in the domain of CSR and Sustainability focused in India. We believe that this publication will play vital role in strengthening CSR Ecosystem in the country.

We are working to update our valued readers on significant growth in CSR and Sustainability. It is a platform that enhances organization’ need to share CSR good practices and developments. India is facing challenges in providing basic medical facilities, especially to the children. We urge our corporate to launch special CSR projects to improve the public health services especially in rural areas.

This is urgent need of Govt. and corporates work jointly in the area of public health. In reference to journalist Gauri Lankesh murder, People are concerned that free speech in India is deteriorating. Threat to freedom of expression is major challenge in the human development in the country. We need such a society where we can welcome criticism and constructive thoughts.

We welcome your constructive ideas for the betterment of the people and peaceful society. We are hopeful that you will love to read this edition again. We welcome your valuable feedback to make it more efficient and purposeful.

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Rusen Kumar

Publisher & Editor

India CSR e-Zine