CSR Authors to be honoured at Giving Back India CSR Leadership Summit on April 1 in Delhi

NEW DELHI: India CSR Network, the world’s leading newswire on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) honors the authors and journalists for their outstanding contributions to the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility in contemporary India.

Giving Back – India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards is being organized by India CSR Network in New Delhi on April 1st, 2019 at PHD House, August Kranti Marg. India CSR Day will be celebrated on the occasion.

CSR books will also be released during the summit.

The authors and journalists who have been immensely contributing to the CSR will be honoured with India CSR Author Awards at the Summit.

It would be the 4th edition of CSR Author Award that shall recognize CSR authors and journalists. Literatures/works will be displayed at the venue.

The award is open to the authors and journalists who wrote books, run journal and website in any language. The awardee could be author, editor, journalist, publisher or a contributor to CSR literature, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility it the hot subject of research these days. Many researchers and authors are exploring this vast field of study and adding to the existing literature as an outcome of their empirical and experiential research findings.

In the recent years, some excellent books have been authored by the researchers and academicians. The CSR journals and magazines are also being published by the passionate entrepreneurs which has helped in making CSR new normal and widely discussed subject. Knowledge articulated in the CSR literature (Books, Journals, Magazines, Portals) will add value to ever growing knowledge on CSR and help in establishing it as a key profession for the social change and transformation.

“The India CSR group has been committed to acknowledge the sincere contributions and excellence achieved by the Authors, Academicians and Journalists. The objective of India CSR awards to honor authors and journalists is to provide a momentum and catalytic boost to the race of intellectual contribution, knowledge creation, research and practice by the authors, academicians and journalists to make India a global thought and practice leader in the domain of CSR.” – Rusen Kumar, Founder and Managing Editor, India CSR

The overall objective of India CSR Awards is to offer higher visibility to excellent innovative practices in the field of CSR and to share and disseminate such inspiring information across India and rest of the globe. India CSR also encourages various enterprises to integrate with their stakeholders to meet their social responsibilities in better and efficient manner with a focus on maximizing productivity of resources and in enhancing the overall impact on stakeholders.

This is a premium honor that shall recognize the admirable and outstanding CSR initiatives in the country. The awards acknowledge the noble contributions that are raising benchmarks by bringing radical and transformational initiatives in the development arena through innovation and excellence.

In its endeavour to promote reporting and communication in the CSR domain, India CSR – India’s largest Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility media house, has been organizing numerous global forums, Management Development Programmes (MDPs), workshops and case study competitions to recognize and honor the CSR best practices. India CSR has high level of recognition in the domain of CSR globally.


  • Authoring CSR Book
  • Editing CSR Book
  • Writing/Reporting CSR
  • Authoring CSR Article
  • Authoring CSR Research Paper
  • Publisher/Promoter/Editor of CSR Magazine

Authors may nominate themselves or be nominated by a publisher, friend or fan. Any individual, organization or company may nominate authors in any appropriate category. Individuals may nominate more than one author for the Award.

Deadlines: March 15, 2019

Additional Information:

  • No nomination or entry fee is required.
  • The Award Panel has the right to change the category of a nomination.

For full detail kindly download the followings:

List of winners of India CSR Author Awards 2018: Below listed Authors honoured for recent contribution:

  • Nayan Mitra: Research Scholar, India
  • Sangeeta Waldron, Author, Journalist, UK

List of winners for 2017: Below listed Authors honoured for recent contribution:

  • Nayan Mitra and Dr. Rene Schmidpeter honoured with ‘India CSR Author Award’ for authoring/editing ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Cases and Developments after the Legal Mandate,’ 2016.
  • Prof. V Reddappa Reddy and Dr. C Dheeraja honoured with ‘India CSR Author Award’ for authoring ‘Six Essential Steps in Implementing CSR,’ 2017.
  • Maheswar Sahu and Jeevan Prakash Mohanty honoured with ‘India CSR Author Award’ for ‘Small But Meaningful: CSR in Practice’ (2015)
  • CA Bimal R Bhatt honoured with ‘India CSR Author Award’ for ‘Indian Corporate Citizenship’ (Case Study on CSR)’, 2016

List of winners for 2016: Below listed Authors honoured for recent contribution:

  • Rajesh Tiwari, CSR Today Magazine
  • Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Vijay Kapur and Dr. Enaskshi Sengupta for Essentials in Corporate Social Responsibility (2010)
  • Dr. M Koteswara Rao, Shri D Murli Dhar, Shri PSN Murthy for Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Libraries (2011)
  • Ajith K N for Corporate & Social Responsibility (2011)
  • Suresh Kr Pramar for CR Biz
  • Dr. Rupal Tyagi for Corporate Social Responsibility Analysing Performance in India (2015)
  • Harsha Mukherjee for Sustainable CSR – CSR Basics (2016)
  • M G Prakash Reddy for Corporate Social Focus magazine
  • Dr. Manoj Fogla for Handbook on CSR for Corporate & NPOs (2015)
  • Amit Upadhyay for TheCSRJournal.in
  • Saurabh Mittal, Editor CSR & Competitiveness (2012)
  • Atula Imchen, Executive Editor for CSR Mandate