Impact of CSR on Education Sector


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Ms. Meeta Sengupta is of the opinion that the CSR mandate has faced much debate among India Inc. as an extra tax on corporates, incurring additional administrative burden and a rather indirect way to direct corporate behaviour. However, there was little debate on the inclusion of education within the purview of the mandate as the gap between need and national spend in education (3.9 percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product – GDP, though the ask was for at least 6 percent) was evident even to the most cursory observer.

meetasenguptapicSo, her chapter titled ‘Impact of CSR on Education Sector’ seeks to recognise the need for CSR contribution to education in India, understand the history of education and philanthropy existing in India, the CSR spend on education, the impact of the CSR legislation on it, the three large trends that supported PROFESSIONALISING of CSR IN EDUCATION and role of CSR in education. The keywords of the chapter are: CSR Funding; Professional Monitoring; Education Infrastructure; Educational Capacity Building; Funding Learner Skills; Education Funding; and Innovation Funding.

This paper is a Chapter in the book Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Cases and Development after the Legal Mandate edited by Ms. Nayan Mitra and Dr. Rene Schmidpeter and published by Springer International Publishing, Switzerland under its CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance series. The Book is available both in e-version and hard copy from Springer as well as Amazon and many other online book stores all over the world.

Author brief: Ms. Meeta Sengupta is a writer and advisor on education and skills. She designs strategic interventions to meet national and organisational learning goals. She has led global, national and grassroots conversations on redesigning education both online and offline and continues to do so through her consulting, advisory and writing. She straddles the worlds of policy and practice with ease based on her deep and wide experience on the ground. Her focus areas continue to be education funding, innovation in education and lifelong learning.

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