Healthcare at Home Introduces Group Therapy for Senior Citizens; holds first session for ex-employees of Bank of Baroda

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Jaipur: Restriction of mobility due to arthritic joints, loss of muscle strength, osteoporosis, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases! Elderly people face a multitude of health problems peculiar to their age and physiology. However, many of them lose their inner drive and confidence to be able to fight back.

Group therapy, in which a therapist or trainer, imparts physical training, psychological support and disease management tips to a group of affected people together, has been found to be more motivating than individual therapy, especially in the case of the elderly.

Leading home healthcare services provider, Healthcare at Home today organized a group therapy session with senior citizens in the city to help them better understand the changes their bodies are going through, know more about disease management and also learn from the experiences of their counterparts.

With a growing elderly population, and increasing burden of chronic disease, special care for the elderly is becoming a pressing need in India. This is particularly pertinent in nuclear families where there are often no care providers. In the absence of effective social support, many elderly become depressed, are unable to IMG_2268maintain basic functions and lose their independence completely.

Healthcare at Home, which specializes in providing comprehensive elderly care at home, realizes this social need. As part of its efforts to improve the social support for the elderly in our cities, HCAH organized the group therapy session for retired employees of Bank of Baroda today. The session included informative notes on physical as well as mental exercise, physiotherapy, and management of diseases to prevent complications.

Dr. Gagan Kapoor, Head Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Services, Healthcare at Home led the session as trainers showcased exercises to keep body mobile. Dr. Kapoor also apprised the community of senior citizens about the benefits of doing exercises at regular intervals for prevention of diseases and muscle relaxation. Introducing the concept, Dr Kapoor told people that a group session would allow them to undertake physiotherapy at one third the cost as compared to solo physio centres in Jaipur.

Condition such as diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases, might be irreversible but an effective management program can help improve patients’ lives. Group therapy is one part of disease management program which helps senior citizens connect with people of their age, share their experiences and learn from them.

IndiaCSR Awards Logo (2)Dr. Gagan Kapoor is a renowned sports physiotherapist with 18 years of experience. He has been associated with National Football team & official physiotherapist of ISL (India Super League) actor John Abraham’s team. Dr. Kapoor also has been trained in various international techniques.

“People engaged in group therapy not only benefit from the interventions of a therapist, but also from viewing and listening to other group members. The specially designed group therapy program has several advantages, such as providing a moral boost, a lively environment, building confidence in their ability, helping them regain their independence and equipping them with capability to manage their health” says Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head, Medical Services, Healthcare at Home

With the help of latest technology and portable devices, now it is possible to provide high-end, technologically advanced care to the groups and monitor them simultaneously sitting at a distance.

“The concept is simple. We can assign 10-12 people in a group and train them together at their homes, in parks or any place of the group’s choice. Unlike individual therapy session, group therapy offers a more supportive environment in people such as those fighting an addiction, recovering from a mental trauma as well as the elderly”  says Dr. Gagan Kapoor, Head Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Services.

Other than physical and psychological benefits, group therapy is also cost effective. It also helps those elderly patients who are dependent on pension.

“I am delighted that we introduced group therapy. Seeing the response of ex-employees of Bank of Baroda, we plan to enhance the services in other parts of the state as well” says,Abhishek Malik, Unit Head, Healthcare at Home, Jaipur

The session will cost only INR.200 per person for at least 10 people for minimum 18 sessions, which is cheaper than going to a regular physio session.

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