Green living and learning revolution to kick off in Goa at the See Sharp Fest

India CSR News Network

GOA: Goa, the exotic holiday destination, will witness India’s only green living and learning festival for the very first time. A learning holiday in the arms of nature could perhaps be the best way to describe the three day fest.

See Sharp Fest is India’s first ever-sustainable living and learning festival which is scheduled to be held from the 2426 of February 2017 at Ashwem beach, Goa. See Sharp festival will focus on green living and learning. From classes on composting, connecting solar panels, rain water harvesting, generating cooking gas from waste food, converting waste oil into detergent to starting your very own organic farm are just some of the many sensorial experiences that will leave visitors with more than just food for thought.

This fest is a quest to go back to living in harmony with the rhythms of nature while learning how to improve our own potential.

The festival See Sharp Fest is supported by celebrities from different spheres who believe in the quest to live in harmony and a sustainable future. Bollywood Actor Abhay Doel says, “The skills that See Sharp fest is offering can empower us to live a life in harmony with nature. All humans need these skills”. Anushka Machanda, Bollywood Singer stated, “Living in harmony with nature is not an option; it’s a necessary tool for our survival. Our world tomorrow depends on what we do today! That’s why I am fully behind See Sharp fest and I will come to learn these skills myself”. Sarah Jane Dias, Indian Actress & VJ is very pleased by this initiative. “I’m really happy someone is taking the initiative to promote green technologies and is educating people about sustainability.” said Sarah.

The festival will showcase workshop and sessions by various experts on permaculture, organic farming, water harvesting and sustainable décor among others.

Workshop/Sessions by Experts:

  • Rico Zook – Permaculturist
  • Gresham Fernandes – Impresario Entertainment &Hostpitality
  • Hemant Gupta – Thank you, India, Consious Labs
  • SriramKuchimanchi – Smarter Dharma and EPEA + Cradle to Cradle
  • Sohaya Mishra – Chola The Label
  • Sameer Hazari – Visual Artist
  • Bharat Arora – Organic Farming Consultant, Entrepreneur, Celebrity TV Host
  • Rohan Mathew – Earth Builder, Permaculture Designer
  • Amanda Biccum – Mindfulness Guru
  • Kozue Philips – Waste to product Entrepreneur Marketer
  • Rob Philips – Blossom Health Foods
  • Gaurav Shorey – Sustainable Habitats & Green Buildings industry
  • Waylon Dsouza – Upcycle Artist
  • Put your hands together

The festival has partnered with Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’ (SIYLI) who will have their own mindfulness booth at the event and is supported by Nicobar, Vodafone, Bisleri and Conscious Labs to name a few.The event is being organized jointly by CELL (Centre for Ethical Life & Leadership) – a not for profit organization and Observing I (a sustainable technologies and services company). It is conceptualized by Tanya Kewalramani, Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ajit Ahuja.