Giving Back Leadership Summit – Celebrating 5th Years of CSR Law in India at New Delhi on April 1, 2019

It will be one the prestigious and biggest representing forums for CSR in India for the year 2019. It is relevant for citizens, business and voluntary organizations.


NEW DELHI: India will be completing 5 years of CSR Act on 1st April, 2019. On this occasion, India CSR Network will be organizing Giving Back, a day long mega India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards (Giving Back Leadership Summit) in New Delhi on April 1, 2019 at PHD House, August Kranti Marg. The summit, a voluntary initiative, contributes in building healthy CSR ecosystem for larger public good and economic progress.

India’s top most corporate and CSR leaders from larger business groups will deliver leadership talks on Corporate Social Responsibility. The summit will witness the representative of around 300 leading Corporates, more than 100 media organizations representing various languages and regions are expected to cover the Summit’s proceedings. Powerful speakers representing top most CSR spending companies will be invited to the summit to share and talk about their CSR practices, knowhow, methodology impact that they have made in the society over the last 5 years.

Rusen Kumar, Chairman of the Summit said, “We are happy to announce the Giving Back Leadership Summit. It is great achievement for all who are the part of CSR journey and proud moment that India’s CSR Act will be completing successfully five years.”

“We at India CSR Network believe that now Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part of business function in India. CSR is a great contribution for positively impacting lives of underserved section of the society.”, he added.

Nomination Invited for Prestigious India CSR Awards 2019

This is a mega forum that gives a golden opportunity to larger business houses to talk on their CSR and way of serving the nation in the presence of business and CSR fraternity, civil society and government authorities and media from across the nation.

The summit will be helping on setting up new agenda and priorities for CSR in India. Aligning of CSR to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and larger Sustainability goals of business will also be discussed during the deliberations.

The India CSR Network will celebrate the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility through a series of leadership deliberations and activities throughout the year, with dedicated topics to each pillar of progress as defined under the Act.


India is the first country in the world that mandates corporate social responsibility. On 1 April, 2014, the Government of India implemented CSR Act requiring companies to spend 2% of their net profit on social development. India CSR Law, Section 135, is a clause under Companies Act, 2013, Government of India.

CSR Act mandates that every company having a net worth of  Rs 500 crore or more, or a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore or more, or a net profit of Rs crore or more during any financial year must constitute a CSR committee consisting of three or more directors, with at least one independent director, formulate a CSR policy for the company and recommend the expenditure to be incurred on CSR activities and at least 2% of the average net profit of the company made during three previous financial years must be spent on CSR activities.

Conceived to convey more accountability in all major domains of business functioning, and especially to improve the governance, the Act has become almost synonymous with ‘Giving Back’ for socio-economic development in the clause 135 of Companies Act, 2013.

Why such a mega forum is required in India?

Thanks to CSR Legislation, in the last five years, Corporates have shown tremendous interest on participating in larger development practices of nation building. This is one such forum for larger business houses to express their long term commitment and passion towards the nation building process.  The Summit is a flag bearer of Corporate Social Responsibility in India. The forum will set new benchmarks and goals for the business responsibility on social change. The summit is designed for larger business who have mandates of CSR spending of large amounts and committed to contribute in the progress of nation.

The importance of this event is in the light of sequences after the introduction of the Companies Act as it has changed the CSR landscape in India by putting in place-legal provisions that have had a domino effect that includes better informed and sensitized stakeholders, and a development sector that has begun to align itself to accepting CSR funds from corporates. In the realm of Business Sustainability, SEBI has mandated Business Responsibility Reporting for top 500 listed companies based on their market capitalization from 1 April 2016. This move is an effort to improve corporate governance practices and transparency in terms of reporting of socially responsible activities carried out by the business houses.

Key Features of Forum

  • Keynote Address
  • Leadership Talks
  • Parallel Plenary Sessions
  • Awards
  • Musical Concert

Who should attend?

The summit is designed for leaders/organisations focused on developing high impact social responsiveness with governance excellence.

  • CSR Thinkers
  • CSR Committee Members
  • CSR Directors,
  • Chief Sustainability Leaders,
  • CSR heads,
  • CSR Mangers, regulators,
  • NGO Leaders,
  • Corporate Foundation CEOs,
  • Social Leaders,
  • Social Enterprise Leaders
  • Innovators
  • Journalists and citizens.
  • CSR Consultants

Sponsorship and Speakership Opportunity

We welcome the larger organizations and leaders to be part of the summit. We invite the organization to support the forum through sponsorship and partnership. We invite expression of interest for speakership opportunity from larger business houses those who are impacting the lives of millions through their corporate social responsibility programs and projects. Write us at or call us at 9981099555

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