Free cataract surgery campaign by Vedanta at Lanjigarh


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LANJIGARH, Odisha: In line with the company objectives of providing good health services to the people in and around Lanjigarh, Vedanta has come with its 2nd phase free cataract surgery campaign in this year.

In partnership with Vedanta Hospital, a health service NGO – Punarutthan and Mahanadi Lepra Rye Hospital, Sonepur, 26 September, 2016 marks the second phase of the campaign in this year.

A total of 51 patients from various villages in Lanjigarh block such as Niyamgiri Vedanta Nagar, Bundel, Lanjigarh, Rengopali, Belamba, Bhandaripadar, Kutingpadar, Champadaipur, Dephapaguda, Baraikupli, Badadhaikhal, Betelima, Ambadola and Chhatrapur etc. were referred for the cataract operation. “After necessary health check-ups, the patients are now scheduled to be operated at the Mahanadi Lepra Eye hospital at Lanjigarh”, an official from Vedanta Hospital has said.

The campaign was launched by B.S. Mund, CPP Head,Vedanta Ltd., Lanjigarh and Dr. S K Mishra, Vedanta Hospital in presence of Akshya Sahoo, Ranjan Sharma, Dr. MM Purohit and other employees of the company. Vedanta has been a part of many community development initiatives in the region.

Bimalananda Senapati, Plant Head, Vedanta Ltd., Lanjigarh has said that the company is committed to take further efforts to strengthen the CSR activities in the region. It is noteworthy fact that 75 patients have already been cured in earlier phases of cataract operation camps organised by the company

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