Finolex Industries Ltd and Mukul Madhav Foundation helps a student achieve his dreams

Donates cochlear machine and also supported him in finishing his higher studies.


MUMBAI: Finolex Industries along with its CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) which works diligently in the areas of healthcare, education, community welfare and water conservation, added another feather in its cap when Vishwas Shinde, financially supported by MMF battled permanent nerve deafness, poor family background, poverty and cracked his B.E exams from the Finolex Academy of Management Technology (FAMT) securing 7.7 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Analysis) with overall aggregate score of 6.58, just short of 6.75 which is considered First Class.

As someone who was a normal student from a poor family from Chanderai, Ratnagiri; Vishwas unfortunately suffered from an acute attack of mumps when he was in his ninth standard causing him permanent nerve deafness. He completed his high school (SSC) under special category securing 80% marks and got admission in the Government Polytechnic, Ratnagiri for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. His professor, Mr. Belwalkar recognising his problem referred him to many, including doctors and convenors of institutes for free treatment.

However, it was ascertained that Cochlear implant was the required treatment and he was
referred to Dr. M.V. Kirtane from Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Kshama Kovale, daughter of Dr. Shekhar Kowale (Ex-dean, Fisheries College, and Ratnagiri) who was part of Dr. Kirtane’s team was a great help who advised Vishwas to undergo a few tests before he could be treated for Cochlear implant.

It was indeed heartening to see a lot of donors coming forward and donate for the surgical
expenses. However, the major cost involved was that of the cochlear machine and this is where Dr. Kirtane approached MMF to step in. MMF, as always without any hesitation, donated 5.5 lacs which helped restore the hearing ability of Vishwas Shinde. MMF went one-step ahead and sponsored his education by donating Rs. 20000 every year for the next three years for him to complete his B.E in Mechanical Engineering.

Ritu Chhabria, Managing Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation said, “Education is one of the keys to socioeconomic development, and we at Finolex Industries and MMF encourage
educational programs for students of all ages.”

She further added, “Vishwas had made me proud. It was the hard work and the determination of Vishwas that despite all challenges he managed to fulfil his dream of becoming an engineer. It is students like him which inspires us to come forward and support wholeheartedly. MMF has always identified the true pain points of society and has fervently worked to cure the same. Focussed on the causes of health, education and empowerment of the unprivileged, it envisions expanding and reinforcing the efforts in future.”

Vishwas Shinde said, “I would like to thank the management at Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation for giving me a new lease of life. Words fall short when I speak of MMF who supported me in not only with the operation but also supported my dream to complete my education. I am also thankful to my parents, teachers and the doctors who came forward and did what they could do best. The loss of hearing meant that my world changed drastically and there was a sense of despair. Today, there is a feeling of accomplishment but I also feel humbled by all the kindness that has been shown to me.”

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