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MUMBAI: Enable. Integrate. Empower is a short documentary about Mein Pragati, a financial capability building project conceptualised, developed and run by CRISIL Foundation.

Crisil Main-PragatiThe documentary follows CRISIL Mitras in rural Assam ─ CRISIL Mitras breathe life into Mein Pragati, through a series of interventions over four months. From financial awareness and capability building workshops at participants’ houses, to guided bank and ATM visits, to community meets, and linkages with financial services providers, the meticulously-designed project follows a holistic approach towards financial inclusion. Enable. Integrate. Empower was filmed between October 2015 and January 2016, during the second life cycle (four-month intervention period).

Mein Pragati FilmCRISIL Foundation implements Mein Pragati through regional partners having strong community outreach.

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