Editorial Guidelines

India CSR Network Editorial Guidelines for the Staff, Reporters, Authors

Editorial Guidelines represent values and standards of India CSR, which apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received and reported.

India CSR aims to deliver ethical and honest information and covers a wide range of activities with information from national and international sources.

India CSR staffers/Authors/Reporters pursue this by embracing diversity, because when both reporters and the sources and subjects they cover to come from varied backgrounds and experiences, they produce a better, deeper, more valuable reports. While on assignment, staff members will uphold the highest standards for ethical reporting.

And they report it by adapting India CSR way of storytelling to the newest, innovative ways of spreading the innovations to the more engaged readers possible.

  • Acceptability: Exclusiveness and creativeness is the only criteria to be featured in India. We accept only non-fiction articles/news/updates.
  • Purpose: Explain the content’s objective.
  • Relevancy: Business innovations on Sustainability and CSR are most relevant for us.
  • Uniqueness: Contents of the article/news must be unique and exclusive. Not elsewhere published.
  • Professionalism: Writers/Authors/Reporters will be honest and clear about the nature of each story.
  • Length: Length of a good article/news is 300 words.
  • Flow: Strictly void the repetition of the same words and flow of the sentences.
  • Heading: Kindly suggest heading in less than 10 words.
  • Intro: Summarise the article in 25 words (which will contain key words).
  • Keywords: Suggest 10 keywords for the article/news.
  • Social media: Give social media Urls.
  • Web links: Provide web links of organization and relevant microsites.
  • Photo: Provide 2 relevant photographs with caption and source of the image.
  • Contact Detail (Mandatory): PR Contact/Author details of the company must be provided for future communications.

Contact: editor@indiacsr.in

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