Dreams can be realised only by sincere efforts: Ramesh Nair

Balco’s C.E.O, Mr. Ramesh Nair addresses fresher students of N.I.T. Raipur

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BALCONAGAR: “If you want to realise your dreams, you have to make sincere efforts with determination. There is no short cut to success. In whatever field you work, be fully acquainted with all information related to that field. You need to learn patiently and continuously in order to get ahead in life”. These thoughts were shared by Mr. Ramesh Nair, C.E.O & Whole Time Director, Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (Balco) with the fresher students of N.I.T. Raipur on their orientation programme held in the Institute’s auditorium.

Mr. Nair talked to the first year engineering students about the challenges that exist in Leadership, Engineering, Productivity and Time Management. He shared his experiences to explain how the challenges could be met in life. Dr. Sudarshan Tiwari, Director-N.I.T.,Raipur and Mr. A.P. Rajimwale were present on the stage during the programme.

The basis of hard work and success

Mr. Nair in his speech praised the N.I.T students for their sense of discipline. He advised the students that no matter what they do in life, they should always do it whole heartedly and with complete enthusiasm. He cited the example of Mr.Anil Agarwal, Chairman-Vedanta Group and lot of other successful entrepreneurs, driving home the point that success can only be achieved by hard work done with complete devotion.  He went on to say that one does not become successful in his or her career by just studying, but has to make practical efforts in all directions. Mr. Nair told the students to take the engineering course very seriously. They should study not only with the intention of passing their exams but should understand in depth, the basic principles of engineering.

One should learn to adapt and adjust to the time

Mr. Nair gave foremost importance to time management for any success. He further said that students should learnt to adapt themselves to the circumstances right from their student days.

They should learn to sleep and  wake up  on time. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved  by a variety of  regular exercises and activities. He said one should always have a positive attitude in order to show ideal leadership. They should be mentally strong. They should learn to communicate assertively.

In order to understand challenges and problems, they should learn how to analyse them critically. Mr. Nair emphasised on the importance of family and mutual relationships. He went on to say that parents are the biggest strength in our lives. We should always have respect for them in our hearts.

A feeling of pride on becoming the C.E.O of a 50 year old Company

Mr. Nair also shared that it was a matter of great pride for him to become the C.E.O of Balco, a company  which is actively engaged in the production of aluminium since 50 years. He further said that he had got an opportunity to work with a  lot of Industrial Organisations in his career so far. Balco  is a fast growing Industrial Unit. The Company is making strides to increase its aluminium production capacity by nearly six times. After disinvestment, Vedanta Group has made huge investments in the expansion of Balco.  Balco’s strong Human Resource Practices were giving it newer heights day by day.

The Country needs brilliant engineers : After sharing his thoughts with the engineering students, Mr Nair shared his thought to Press that the fast progress of the country needs brilliant engineers. Chhattisgarh State has myriad opportunities for progress. From the point of industrialisation , the environment is very conducive in the State.

Dr. Tiwari, Director of N.I.T felicitated Mr. Nair with a momento.  On behalf of Balco Management , Mr. Nair presented momentos to Dr. Tiwari and Mr. Rajimwale. The Vote of Thanks was presented by Dr. Sameer Vajpayee, Placement Officer at N.I.T, Raipur.