CSR : Volkswagen builds an eco-friendly school for in Phadke-Wasti, Nighoje in Chakan, Pune

Volkswagen is applying for Indian Green Building Council certification for the new school building

Amol Pawar, Vice chairman, Panchayat Samiti, Khed, Nliesh Pawar, Member, Panchayat Samiti, Dr. Andreas Lauermann, President and Managing Director, Volkswagen India, Appasaheb Phadke, President, Kalubai Devi Trust and Ramesh Gaikwad, Sarpanch, Nighoje Village

PUNE: Volkswagen India said that it has constructed a new primary school building in Phadke-Wasti, Nighoje helping provide excellent education facilities to growing communities in the emerging industrial zone of Chakan, Pune.

Developed solely by Volkswagen India as part of their larger CSR initiative towards education and skill development, the school can cater up to 120 students every year.

A View of School: Photo : India CSR Network

The new building has two floors and will offer one room for each of the four standards in the primary school where previously one room was being shared by two grades. Volkswagen Plant Engineering architect has designed the new building which is designed to accommodate a higher number of students than before.

The new building has separate rooms for indoor extra-curricular activities and the staff. The school premises has a kitchen to provide mid-day meal for the students.

The school is also equipped with its own rainwater harvesting system and greywater treatment system that will enable cana and banana plants to grow on campus.

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