CSR : Vedanta provides bee boxes to SHG women in Lanjigarh

LANJIGARH: Vedanta Limited, having production facility in Lanjigarh, distributed 200 bee boxes to 40 women SHG members from Shakteemayee Foundation in association with Kalahandi District administration, Odisha Khadi & Village Industries Board (OKVIB) and MSME Development, Government of Odisha at Lanjigarh.

Beekeeping is considered to be one of the most rewarding livelihood means in rural India. Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh had previously organised a week-long beekeeping training session with all 40 women SHG members. The women were educated about several opportunities of practising such a skill and becoming capable entrepreneurs.

Anjan Kumar Manik expressed his whole-hearted assurance for such skill-based learning among women and reiterated Government’s support. He appreciated Vedanta for its progressive efforts towards community development and welfare.

Debadatta Dash motivated the women to hone their bee-keeping skills further to support their families. Each beneficiary was presented five bee boxes, one extractor and one smoker by the guests. Total cost of the project is Rs. 4.18 lac, equally shared between the State Govt. and Vedanta.

The women SHG members acknowledged Vedanta’s determination for this initiative to make them financially independent and self-confident in their venture. The program was coordinated by officials of Vedanta and Mahashakti Foundation, the NGO partner of the project.

Present during the occasion were Anjan Kumar Manik, Collector & District Magistrate, Kalahandi, Debadatta Dash, GM-DIC, Benudhar Pradhan, Development Officer – OKVIB,  Sanjeev Kumar, Chief Transformation Officer – Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh, Harmeet Sehra, Chief Community Development Officer and Shivanand Mohanty, Head Public Relations & Corporate Communications.

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