CSR : Tata Steel’s West Bokaro Division celebrates International Day of Yoga


WEST BOKARO: With an objective to create awareness regarding yoga and its benefits among the employees and school children, Tata Steel’s West Bokaro Division celebrated the International Day of Yoga today.

Two yoga camps were organised by Tata Steel Rural Development Society, one at JRD Tata Park, West Bokaro and the other one at High School, Sirka.

More than 300 participants including employees of Tata Steel along with the students of Middle School, Fakodih, Vivekanand High School, West Bokaro and the trainees of Feeder centre participated in the yoga session at JRD Tata Park, West Bokaro early in the morning.

Meena Devi, Ex-Mukhiya, Central Barughutu and a renowned yoga expert of the region demonstrated around 16 asans. Some of the asans demonstrated were Mudra Gyan, Kapal Bharati, Kati Saundrya, Anulom Vilom, Butterfly, Ujjai Pranayam, Left Bhastrika, Bharamri Pranayam, etc. Apart from basics of yoga, the participants were also informed regarding various benefits of yoga.

A similar yoga session was also organised at High School, Sirka where more than 200 students along with their teachers learnt the basics of yoga.

It is worth mentioning here that International Day of Yoga, or commonly referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on June 21 since its inception in 2015.


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