CSR : SleepyCat Celebrates MileStone Achievement by Donating 100 Mattress-In-A-Box to Charity 

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  ― Mother Teresa


BANGALORE: SleepyCat, India’s first Mattress-in-a-Box Company had made a promise to donate one mattress to charity for 10 mattresses sold.

This May, on the company’s 8-month anniversary, it donated 100 Boxed Mattresses to Hope Foundation Kolkata and Robin Hood Army in the first phase of the charity drive.

Each donated mattress is new, made-to-measure for these organisations by SleepyCat and constitutes the best of its product categories.

SleepyCat provides premium mattresses at a relatively lower price in the market by eliminating the middlemen and also provides free shipping without any hassle, company informed.

They solve the problems of mattress handling, transportation and high pricing by delivering the mattress at the customer’s doorstep, in a box one-third of its normal size. The company also offers a 30 days trial with a money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction with the product.

Launched in August 2017 on Amazon LaunchPad, the company sold its entire test stock in the first week. SleepyCat has increasingly been seeing stronger sales in the last 8 months, as more urban youth begin to see the benefits of a simple, cost-effective, mattress-in-a-box, delivered to the doorstep.


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