CSR of V-Mart : 168 students get scholarship of Rs 10,000 each


NEW DELHI: the benefits of economic growth need to flow to all sections of society. Although not a panacea, education would be one of the main interventions that would lead to the overall economic and social development of the society. But, most of the deserving students hailing from the rural and urban areas are unable to complete their education due to lack of financial support and non-availability of proper mentoring support.

The severe lack of financial resources in their homes force these students especially the girl children in dropping out of the formal education and either are pushed into work or are married off.

There is no dearth of young talent in India, however due to lack of financial support and non-availability of proper mentoring support; lakhs of students are unable to pursue their interest and talent. Students drop-out from formal education system due to varied reasons, bringing the higher education GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) in India down to 22.

This is where the notion of the Ujjwal Bhavishya (Bright Future) program, a CSR initiative of V – Mart Retail Ltd was born. It was envisaged to provide interim support for children facing a personal/economic exigency.

“Our main aim of this program is to encourage students to pursue higher education in semi urban and rural areas. This initiative has not just transformed the lives of individuals but the society at large.”, company representative informed.

So far 168 students have been given scholarship of Rs 10,000 each.

The Ujjwal Bhavishya Program aims to help the meritorious students coming from the economically disadvantaged background, forced to discontinue education due to financial constraints. The initiative provides a scholarship of rupees 10,000 each students from the economically disadvantaged sections of the society, paving a path for the students to fulfil their dream of a bright future.

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