CSR : Mahindra aims to plant 15 million trees by 5th June the World Environment Day

MUMBAI: Reaffirming commitment to the environment, this year Mahindra Group, will achieve double its annual commitment by completing 2 million saplings plantation.

By 5th June, the World Environment Day the company aims to plant 15 million trees under the aegis of Mahindra Hariyali program.

In the rapidly developing world today, lack of green cover is impacting the oxygen level in the air at a basic level.

Hariyali is aimed at increasing the green cover, in addition to providing livelihood and nutritional security. Now nearing the completion of 11 years, the project also helps enhance the wildlife habitat value and biodiversity in certain regions.

Thus, Mahindra Group has pledged to plant trees across the country with an annual goal of 1 million.

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