CSR : Adanians donate over 8500 units of blood over 2 days

Annual tradition to celebrate Group Chairman, Gautam Adani’s birthday, gathers pan-India participation


AHMEDABAD: A group wide blood donation drive that began nearly half a decade ago has become an integral part of the annual calendar at the Adani Group. Every year, thousands of employees spread across 180 locations take part in the noble cause held as part of the birthday celebrations of Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group.

Much like every year, the day-long activity held on June 22, saw massive participation of employees from different age-groups. In certain locations such as Tiroda in Maharashtra and Goa the blood collection campaign continued on the subsequent day.

Gautam Adani, who turned 56 on Sunday, kicked off the run-up to his birthday celebrations by participating in the noble cause. Dr. Priti Adani, his wife and Chairperson of the Adani Foundation that drives and anchors the activity accompanied him.

Karan Adani, who heads the group’s ports business, joined his father in the kind gesture towards society. “I feel humbled to stand along with thousands of Adanians, who are giving the gift of life, in support of the cause,” said Gautam Adani.

The benefits of the annual event have witnessed significant growth over the years. From approximately 7600 units of blood donated in a single day in 2015, this year the group went past 8500 units. Global estimates show that every unit of blood donated could save up to three lives.

“The Adani Foundation is overwhelmed with the active participation from Team Adani who turned up in large numbers to donate blood. This Pan India drive is our humble effort to encourage an act of giving back to the society,” said Dr. Priti Adani.

The pan-India campaign that reinstated the critical needs of blood donation was held in association with the Red Cross.

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