CSR : Coloring Schools and Anganwadis

The startup recently pitched in to beautify an anganwadi situated in MuthavaliTarf Tale, Raigarh


MUMBAI:  Recently, the weekend saw a splash of colours and happy faces in the village of MuthavaliTarf Tale as a host of artists and volunteers came together to participate in ‘Rang De Maharashtra’, which aims to beautify 350 schools and anganwadis spread across 11 districts of state.

Floating Canvas Company, an art-based startup, also pitched in to beautify an anganwadi there.

Initiated by the Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation along with corporate partners and volunteers, ‘Rang De Maharashtra’ aims to present children with a learning environment that is creative, fun and inspiring.

Using the walls of the classrooms as a canvas, the volunteers painted them with educational and related colorful content which will help enhance their learning experience.

“We hope tha efforts will play a role in helping children dream, create and, most importantly, believe,” says Rahul Singh Yadav, Co-Founder of Floating Canvas Company.

Ramnath Subramaniam, CEO – Village Social Transformation Foundation, says, “The idea behind the campaign is to create an environment for students in rural areas leading to greater educational outcomes and a reduction in attrition/dropouts.”

“What we saw was an amazing people-to-people partnership between volunteers from urban areas with the villagers who collaborated to make this possible. We are thankful to all our volunteers, including the team at Floating Canvas Company, who did an incredible job at painting the anganwadi and we look forward to working with them again,” he said.

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