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CHENNAI: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been widely debated issue in recent years. The Government is seriously considering to make CSR spend of atleast 2% of the net profit of corporates mandatory, which is opposed by the private sector.

CSR is not properly understood by many companies. CSR is not a well researched field of study in India.

The book titled Corporates & Social Responsibility has launched. The book is authored by K.N.Ajith.

Social orientation of corporate organizations is an evolving ideology. It is also known as corporate citizenship.

This book, therefore. is a significant effort as its based on a survey of corporate executives. There are four chapters in the book, Introduction chapter discusses the concept of CSR, its history, and the pros and cons of CSR. Chapter 2 describes CSR initiatives in Chennai as well as the methodology of the study.

In chapter 3, the findings of the study and analysed in detail. Chapter 4 examines critically the relationship between CSR and the different developmental challenges.

Prof.K V Ramana, a distinguished social scientist and formerly Vice- Chancellor of Andhra University sums up in the following words “Business organisations and their CSR activities have recently come under incisive scrutiny by the state and the civil society. K.N.Ajith, in this book, advocates for corporate sustainable social responsibility (CSSR) encompassing many vital development issues”

Prof Henry J D’souza, Professor in the University of Omaha, USA, has written an excellent foreword.

Brief of Book

Author: KN Ajith

Publisher: eeswaar Book, Plot 26, 2nd Cross Street (Appar Street), Kamakodi Nagar Valasarawakkam, Chennai 600087, Tel: 044-2486 61163

Price: INR 150

Readers can write to for the book.

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