Bajaj Electricals supports Borivali National Park Green Run


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MUMBAI: Bajaj Electricals Ltd. is very closely associated with the cause of conserving the environment for today and future generations. We strongly believe that the health of the individual is as important as the health of the environment.

As a part of our CSR initiatives, Bajaj Electricals CSR partnered with BNP Green Runners, a not for profit society and organized BNP Endurathon 25.0. It is a 25km road race which was held within Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SNGP). The main aim is to promote activities related to running and to contribute to CSR activities at SGNP.

Bajaj Electricals are the Gold Sponsors for the event. Apart from sponsoring the event, just as last year, this year as well, Bajaj Electricals donated 50 solar lanterns to the beneficiaries from the tribes located at SGNP and to promote health and environment, donated 20 cycles. With the help of SGNP Authorities, we proposed to set up a cycle stand in SNGP from where cycles can be rented out by the visitors.

Shekhar Bajaj, CMD, Bajaj Electricals Ltd., said “Just as we humans can endure the challenges to reach higher goals with reference to health or otherwise. Nature also endures the challenges to give us so much in abundance. The health of the environment and that of the individuals is intrinsically linked and hence we should work towards preserving what nature has given us”

“Plant more trees and nurture them, create less pollution, run more often and laugh more often. We are happy to continue our support to the BNP Green Runners Group and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park through our CSR initiative to nourish this symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.”, he added.

The CSR activities at Bajaj Electricals are guided by the 4 pillars – sustainability, diversity (gender inclusion), employee volunteering and community outreach.

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