Agarbathi Manufacturers aim to support the Education of 900 Students


BANGALORE: Mysore Oodabathi Manufacturers Charitable Trust, the non-profit wing of All India Agarbathi Manufacturer’s Association (AIAMA) has been instrumental in supporting the education of children of members associated with the Agarbathi industry.

This year the association aims to support around 900 students for their primary, secondary or professional study requirements across India.

Sarath Babu, President AIAMA, said, “This initiative was started in the year 1995-1996 by the Trust to support the education of the children of Agarbathi workers. Agarbathi industry has lived through its evolution phase in the past few decades. Back then, labour laws and minimum wages were not defined enough to support required needs of the cottage industry employer. The trust then decided to start this initiative to support its co-worker’s monetary needs, especially in their children’s education. In the past three years, trust has disbursed up to Rs 44 Lacs to support around 2000 students and this year we hope to assist up to 900 aspiring students.”

Rakshita Giri Student BIMS, said, “My father has been associated with Agarbathi industry for the last 20 years. We all know professional education in our country is not affordable and even though my parents earned sufficient to support household demands, sometimes it’s not enough for educational needs. I am grateful to AIAMA and Mysore Oodabathi Manufacturers Charitable Trust for offering their support.”

To avail the support, employees associated with Agarbathi industry need to send the request to the Trust through their employer (AIAMA member). The School fee receipt for the financial year or the quarter need to be submitted to Mysore Oodabathi Manufacturers Charitable Trust. Once paid, 20% to 50% of the fee is then reimbursed via the manufacturer’s channel for school education. In case of professional education, grant of Rs. 50,000 is made every year by the trust on submission of required documents.

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