5 things you can do sitting at home that will change your life for the better


There was a time when you would need to move across to get access to good food, clothes, toys, even to invest your money. Talk about access to knowledge, best financial products, insurance, household goods, vegetables, everything was only available few paces from your home.

In today’s high paced and interconnected marketplace, there are few things left which are yet to be made available at your doorstep. From buying something as frugal as grocery to buying life insurance online, opportunities are endless.

However, when most of the things are available right at your door, who wants to spend precious time inside? So, what are the most important and life changing few things you can do from the comfort of your home, to make the most of precious little time?

Here’s a list of five, hope you find them useful:

Find A Job or Project

If you have certain expertise or interest apart from your full-time employment, why not capitalise on it. A freelance project or a social project where your interest lies can be quite an experience. Also, everyone knows about the online career improvement choices.

Nowadays, physical applications have less impetus in the job world, and online profile plays a decisive role. So, why not work a little on your virtual persona and improve your career prospects.

Stay Fit and Active

Yes, you read it right. Say good bye to the need to go to a gym to stay fit. You get most of the exercise equipment online, get the ones that motivate you the most and your home is your gym.

More than that, you can even get your blood samples collected from your home and keep a check on your blood sugar and other deficiencies. You can even consult doctors if need be, though, this technology is still under developed. Thus, personal visit to the clinic is still preferable.

However, you can get your personalised diet charts etc. using your blood test results.


Insurance is a very important financial tool to hedge your family’s lifestyle and financial status against any unfortunate adventure. Be it insuring the assets in your home, your vehicle or even your life, you can insure any from your home.

The best part is comparing various health insurance and life insurance policies online is far more convenient and simple. Before you buy life insurance online, you can also check all the applicable features and compare the costs of adding and subtracting any.

Plus, you can also check the policy document before purchasing for the conditions written in fine print on the physical contract.

Learn Something New

In the internet, era learning has the potential to surpass all other opportunities. You can connect to the best talents in the industry online and learn from them. You can even subscribe to a business management course from the likes of Harvard and Wharton, without moving an inch from your home.

In fact, if you are employed and want to ensure progress or up your ante at work, online is the best place to look for methods. Most professions now demand continuous update of knowledge. What better way to appear for small certificate courses online to add more stars to your folio.

Engage with a Community

There are numerous communities you can find online. Starting from the science students believing only hard empirical facts to those exploring mysteries of the human brain and the world. Want to become a part time Mars Explorer, perhaps starting your Mars Mission online will help. Assist international organisations like NASA, ISRO and MITs in expounding their solutions to the complicated space problems and anomalies.

Even if you wish to explore the unfounded corners of your brain and feel that there is no one around to help you or understand, perhaps the online community of explorers can help.

So, you see you don’t always have to be outgoing to lead a wonderful and deeply satisfied life. Life changing decisions, especially financial ones, only need a little attention from you, not much physical effort. Protect your family with online life insurance and ensure a bright future with online certifications all while sitting comfortably at home.

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