5 Days ‘Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra’ to Start from 25 May from Dehradun with 100 Highly Motivated Youth


Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra: An Odyssey to Awaken Youth Potential

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DEHRADUN: In sync with the famous quote by Swami Vivekananda “Arise, Awake and stop not till your goal is reached”, about 100 highly motivated youth from urban and rural India would undertake a bus journey of 1000 KM to the Himalayas to experience, explore and enable change for the better. Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra (HYPY)( www.yuvaprernayatra.org), a biannual event, is being organized in Uttarakhand under the kind aegis of Society For Inclusive Development (SFID), a not-for profit organization,  between May 25 to 29, 2013.

Yuva Prerna LogoHYPY follows certain procedures to select passionate and experienced participants with strong entrepreneurs’ zeal. The first list of selected participants will be announced by March 20, 2013.

The “Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra” will commence from base camp from Dehradun on 25th May 2013 and after 4-5 days of travelling, trekking, camping which would included open and interactive learning sessions with field champions, developing case studies, presentation, and off course activities with some fun. The team will conclude the Yatra on May 29 at Dehradun.

During the journey, these partakers would have opportunity to meet and interact with some of the exceptional “Champions of Change” and “the Unsung Heroes”, who not only dared to dream but have transformed their dreams into real enterprises by leveraging the local resources thus bringing prosperity to the region. This will help inspire the visiting team members to introspect and correlate their learning to their own areas and spur them to create such enterprises and stories of their own.

Initial sensitization and interactions with field champions during this Yatra will help them to have better understanding of the local social, cultural and environmental issues while awaking them to the emerging possibilities. Direct exposure and interaction with “Change Agents” during these 5 days of Yatra would have a wider, effective impact on the participants which our traditional class room sessions fail to deliver.

HYPY is one such endeavour to mobilise our youths, bring them under one banner, create space  for them to think independently, fearlessly and act on the basis of knowledge they gain through such a process thus churning their abilities to be “Job creators rather than Job Seekers”.

Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra (HYPY) seeks support from and looks forward to network with like-minded organizations, individuals, Governments, Academia, Venture Capitalist (VCs), foreign investors and Corporate World to help reinforce our endeavour of “Empowerment through Enterprise.

Anil Jaggi, Founder President- Society For Inclusive Development (SFID) said, “There will be a network of mentors consisting of highly competent people from industry, academia, management, financial institutions, professionals and dreamers who will provide the support to these young people to translate their dreams in to tangible realities. On conclusion of the Yatra, best business ideas in the field of Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Skill Development & Education and Healthcare will be selected for further mentoring, support and promotion under Yuva Prerna Tantra. Later we will provide the boot camp for them and support them to start their successful enterprises.

“Yatra has very different and unique purpose. As its name “Yuva Prerna” so the target here are the youth of India from rural and urban background, who have power, passion and vision to change the landscape of the country through their visionary leadership of entrepreneurship, and what  they need is some direction, exposure and mentoring to take right step in right direction.”, he added.

Ritesh Garg, Organizing Team Member said, Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra (HYPY) is first its kind and we have specifically selected the region of Central Himalayas with clear mission that Himalayas had always been the source of positive energy, knowledge, spirituality, with rich natural biodiversity and it is the origin of sacred Ganga and Yamuna, the lifeline of Northern India. General saying here is that you can’t stop “Paani and Jawani” (Water and Youth) of the region. We would like to take this holistic mission a bit ahead from Ganga and Yamuna to other parts of the country and empower our youths with knowledge of community centric entrepreneurship, who are socially responsible, ethical and environmentally conscious.

“As we know India is soon becoming a country in the world with highest number of younger people, where the average age bracket would be of 18 to 35 years, we need to ponder about deeply ön how this country with huge potential could be lead upon and thus not missing any opportunity. We create platform for them to get trained, think differently and make them change agents and leaders who can lead the world.”, he added.

The “Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra” is a biannual bus journey which takes selected 100 highly motivated youth from urban and rural India to an eye opening, awakening, motivating and inspirational Himalayan Odyssey. During the journey, participants can meet with exceptional “Champions of Change”, “The Unsung Heroes”, who not only dared to dream but have translated their dreams into real enterprises by leveraging the local resources and bringing prosperity in the region. This will inspire the visiting team members to correlate these activities for their own area   and will spur them on to create such enterprises on their own.

Himalayan Yuva Prerna Yatra,
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Uttarakhand – INDIA

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